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Already safely received n in good condition. Nice.......Tq 

• Suzanne - 23 January 2016

Hello Krissu,

I've received the Long Champ Backpack today.. I really love it! Thanks! :))

• Hanie Haniff - 19 Oct 2015

Hi there..the items are delivered.. I'm so satisfied with both bags n the fast service provided..tq krissu..

• Rohaida Mohd Tahir- 19 Sept 2015

I 've received the bag and I love the bag is very beautiful and thank you with a fast service

• Erna - 26 Aug 2015

Hi.. Bag VS already received. thnk you so much 4 the free gift n ur fast service.. very satisfied n will order again next time. hope ur business always successful.

• siti nor aida ariffin - 28 Aug 2015
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Customer Testimonials

Hello admin
VCHB -029 got ready stock?

Admin: Hi. Which design? Some designs are with ready stock in hand. Kindly refer to the product description. If ready stock, we will put remark as ready stock in hand. Thanks.

• jeannie - 16 May 2013

CNK003*Charles & Keith Braided Tote With Detachable Long Strap (Turquoise)
This item is In Stock or Pre-Order?

Admin:  Pre-order takes 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

• sheisda - 16 May 2013

ZR015*Zara Mini Shopper Tote (Black). do you still have this available and is it ready stock?

Admin:  Pre-order takes 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

• shirley - 16 May 2013

ck009 still available?

Admin:  Pre-order takes 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

• yen - 14 May 2013

may I know if you will restock VCHB-014*Victoria’s Secret Striped Clutch (Pink) which has been labelled SOLD OUT?

Admin: Sorry. Can't restock anymore. Please consider other designs. Thanks.

• Manvy - 10 May 2013

Hi, did not receive your reply. can u please reply my enquiry via email please.

Admin:  Sorry for late reply. Please check email for our reply. Thanks.

• Sue Lyn - 10 May 2013

Hi may I know about my order status? Why is it the status show pending?Order ID : #1977

Admin: Please check email for your parcel tracking number. Thanks.

• Nurul - 10 May 2013

Hi may I know is CNK003,VCHB-009,VCHB-012 and VCHB-029 ready stock?
If i purchase, is it comes with the paper bag or what?

Admin: Hi. Yes. The bags are not included paper bag. CNK003 ready stock is available for black, yellow, beige and blue. Pink and turquoise have to make pre-order and take 2-3 weeks. VCHB-009 & VCHB-012 have ready stock. VCHB-029 some designs have ready stock. Kindly refer to the product description that stated as Ready stock in hand. Thanks.

• jeannieyim - 10 May 2013

MG037* Mango Texture Crossbody (Black)
still available?

Admin: Yes. With ready stock in hand. Thanks.

• rina - 8 May 2013

Hi, i have made payment via maybank2u and have emailed the ref number, would like to know have you received it and what is the expected time of delivery and recieve? Thanks

Admin: Hi. Please check your email for our reply. Thanks.

• Niezan Nunong - 7 May 2013

Hi admin, VCHB 010 & VCHB 012 ready stock or pre order?

Admin: VCHB-010 is no longer available. Now left some minor printing issue stock which can let go at discounted price. If you are interested please email us at We will send you the photo. VCHB-012 is with ready stock in hand. Thanks.

• Ain - 7 May 2013

Hi Krissu,

You claim that all your branded handbags are genuine and authentic. I'd like to know how is it possible for you guys to sell your branded goods at much lower price than the retail price and still be able to make profits out of it.

What's the guarantee that your handbags are genuine and of superior quality, considering there are so many imitation handbags these days?

I am looking forward to your response.

Thanks :)

Admin:  Our concept is like FOS. Furthermore our margin is low thus we can sell at low price.  Although it is at low price but still original. Hope that our explanation can answer your inquiry. Thanks.

• Selene - 7 May 2013