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Hi,I got my parcel a minute ago.Thanks..It's really fast.I like the bag,I'll make sure I'll buy again in your store.

• Marife Corpin - 28 August 2014


I have received my bags!! Thanks a lot!! Love it!!! 

• Alicia Sim - 27 August 2014

i have received my wallet, i'm so happy with it. will definitely buy more!

• Petreneā€ - July26

i received my purse..
luv itso much
happy to deal with u n ur customer service.
n thanx for a free gift

• afiqah hamran - 24 Jul 2014

Hi there..

Just want to inform I have received the bags safe and sound. Those 2 item are so lovely, the free gift too. Definitely will buy from you again and please upload more gorgeous bags into your website. Of course with current stock availability.

• Tengku Aliza - 16 July
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Customer Testimonials

Your item description at FB page and this web is different.
Eg. MG014.
Please advise correct measurement.

Admin:  Hi. Kindly refer to the website. It's more updated. Thanks.

• Wan Safiah - 23 Apr 2013

Hi, when Q0203 will have stock?

Admin: It's the code correct? We don't have this code. Kindly confirm. Thanks.

• Esther - 18 Apr 2013

Hi, ive ordered CNK008. May i know when it is expected delivered?

Admin:  Hi. Please check email for your parcel tracking number. Thanks.

• Yaya - 16 Apr 2013

Is that imitation..or original...can i know from where?

Admin: Hi. Our bags are original. Our concept is like FOS. Furthermore our margin is low thus we can sell at low price.  Although it is at low price but still original. Hope that our explanation can answer your inquiry. Thanks.

• emma - 16 Apr 2013

Is Mango Mg018 still avaiable?pre-order or ready stock?

Admin:  Black can make pre-order and take 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

• ZenZen - 15 Apr 2013

CK005*Calvin Klein Monogrammed Shopper (Pink)
This item is In Stock or Pre-Order?

Admin: New stock for pink has just arrived. You can order now. Thanks.

• myJD - 14 Apr 2013

hi, may i know the dimension for VCHB-013*Victoria’s Secret Sequin Clutch (Beige)

Admin: Dimension: 23cm (L) x 13cm (H) x 6cm (W). Thanks.

• lene - 12 Apr 2013

I've buy many bags from Krissu Fashion...I'm happy and very satisfied deal with Krissu Fashion. Thanks Krissu Fashion!!

Admin: Thanks Sherry for your support and great that you like it. We will update our website weekly. Do feel free to visit us. Thanks.

• SherryWan - 11 Apr 2013

hi admin, CK004 is it a ready stock item?tq

Admin: Yes. New stock is just arrived for brown, blue & pink. Kindly be fast to place your order because with limited units. Thanks.

• nurul - 9 Apr 2013

Mango Shopper Handbag (Orange) is it available? how much? the blue one is rm60. is it same price?

Admin: Sorry. Both has been sold out. You may consider other new designs. Thanks.

• NUR FATIHA AHMAD ZAIDI - 3 Apr 2013 cant i do payment with u,....full payment or deposit...tq..

Admin: Hi. Have you placed your order? Please email us at Thanks.

• sharifah earma syafiqha - 2 Apr 2013

Hi, i would like to know, is my order ID #1257 have been cancelled? it has passed more than 3 days from my order date, and the status said PROCESSING. i want to continue with the order but with different shipping address. can i?? please response me.

Admin: Yes. Your order has been cancelled. Kindly make an new order with the new shipping order. Thanks.

• husnita - 2 Apr 2013