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Hi,I got my parcel a minute ago.Thanks..It's really fast.I like the bag,I'll make sure I'll buy again in your store.

• Marife Corpin - 28 August 2014


I have received my bags!! Thanks a lot!! Love it!!! 

• Alicia Sim - 27 August 2014

Hi,I already received my guess bag on last thursday...I'm really love it..that was my second item from you..later will buy more bags from you..and hope you speedy restock out of stock items..thank you..

• Mizz Aliz - 19 Oct 2014

i have received my wallet, i'm so happy with it. will definitely buy more!

• Petreneā€ - July26

i received my purse..
luv itso much
happy to deal with u n ur customer service.
n thanx for a free gift

• afiqah hamran - 24 Jul 2014
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