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Hi,I got my parcel a minute ago.Thanks..It's really fast.I like the bag,I'll make sure I'll buy again in your store.

• Marife Corpin - 28 August 2014


I have received my bags!! Thanks a lot!! Love it!!! 

• Alicia Sim - 27 August 2014

i have received my wallet, i'm so happy with it. will definitely buy more!

• Petrene‏ - July26

i received my purse..
luv itso much
happy to deal with u n ur customer service.
n thanx for a free gift

• afiqah hamran - 24 Jul 2014

Hi there..

Just want to inform I have received the bags safe and sound. Those 2 item are so lovely, the free gift too. Definitely will buy from you again and please upload more gorgeous bags into your website. Of course with current stock availability.

• Tengku Aliza - 16 July
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