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Already safely received n in good condition. Nice.......Tq 

• Suzanne - 23 January 2016

Hello Krissu,

I've received the Long Champ Backpack today.. I really love it! Thanks! :))

• Hanie Haniff - 19 Oct 2015

Hi there..the items are delivered.. I'm so satisfied with both bags n the fast service provided..tq krissu..

• Rohaida Mohd Tahir- 19 Sept 2015

I 've received the bag and I love the bag is very beautiful and thank you with a fast service

• Erna - 26 Aug 2015

Hi.. Bag VS already received. thnk you so much 4 the free gift n ur fast service.. very satisfied n will order again next time. hope ur business always successful.

• siti nor aida ariffin - 28 Aug 2015
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