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Marvelous. I always buy branded goods here to be given away to friends. I'm grateful that you're able to offer low prices for such good. Keep up Krissufashion!

• Balqis Athirah - 17 April 2014

Very good keep it up. I just love all ur bags! Will buy more!

• Diyana - 17 April 2014

Good services. I am satisfied with your services. You just need to inform the customer earlier in case of the delay for the products. Thank you.

• Nur Fatihah - 16 April 2014

Excellent and prompt service from seller. Good quality and fast delivery.Seller is very prompt in answering to my queries.

• Nur Karimah - 16 April 2014

Good services! - Staff are friendly and good services! Thank you!

• Noor Faezah - 16 April 2014
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Langrand Paris

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LG001*Langrand Paris Full Leather Wallet (Red)
5 out of 5 Stars!
LG001*Langrand Paris Full Leather Wallet (Red)
RM199.00 RM45.00