JS001*Radiation Protection Blouse  (100% silver fiber) - Pink (Size M)

JS001*Radiation Protection Blouse (100% silver fiber) - Pink (Size M)

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It’s not just your cell phone that emits this radiation. You have electromagnetic radiation coming from so many other things around you –electric power lines, fridges, TVs, electric ovens, microwave ovens, cell phone masts, military installations, WiFi appliances, cordless phones, burglar alarms and even baby monitors. 

You can’t imagine how pervasive and how intrusive this electromagnetic radiation is.



Anti electromagnetic radiation garment 

This anti-radiation maternity blouse is made with 100% silver fiber can shield electromagnetic radiation effectively, and protect expecting mothers and their coming babies against the harm of electromagnetic waves and radiation.

100% silver fiber fabric is the most expensive radiation protection fabric in the market.


Main Functions:

1. Protect pregnant women and their coming baby from miscarriage and potential birth defects caused by electromagnetic radiation

2. Protect people working in a high electromagnetic radiation environment from potential physical and mental diseases

3. Filter 99.99% - The highest reduction rate available 


Washing tips:

1. Do not wash the silver fiber layer with water. Only can be dry clean.

2. Do not wring or spin. Avoid the direct sunlight and heat.

3. Do not iron the silver fiber layer.




* The silver fiber layer can be detached (with buttons). Just slightly modify your existing clothes and attach this layer to your clothes to fully protect your coming baby.

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